„no plan survives contact with the enemy“

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Technology continues to advance. Digitization is in full swing. The speed at which new technologies are introduced to the market is constantly increasing. This also applies to the automotive sector, where process iterations are getting shorter and shorter and new challenges arise every day. This causes the requirements to change very quickly, even during development.


A solution to meet the requirements of our time is the usage of an agile product management framework like Scrum.

Scrum is an agile method. In contrast to the waterfall model, with a previously very precise and elaborate product specification, the Scrum methodology relies on fast iterations and checking the results, preferably directly with a potential customer, in each cycle. This results in higher productivity and lower development costs because the focus lies on the requirements with the highest value. Of course, this leads to a much shorter time-to-market and fulfills actual customer needs much better. Which in turn leads to fewer failed projects being expected and creates better controllable project risks.

Training and Consulting

To challenge the agile transformation in our company we start sensitizing our teams with trainings and workshops. These training courses are currently only offered within the company, but will also be available externally from next year on.

Daniel Wald’s courses are characterized by his expertise in agile projects. Based on his experience, he knows what to look for when a team gets involved with Scrum. Each course benefits from the experience of the previous one. Agile training!

If you are interested in the service you can find more detailed information here: trive.me/scrum

Stay tuned, the next blog posts will focus on the usage of Scrum in hard- and software projects!

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