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Scrum meets automotive 3/3

18. März, 2019|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

Scrum in Hardware Projects In the first two posts of our scrum blog series you already got an insight into agile product management. This final part is about the application of the Scrum framework in the hardware sector. The difference: Hardware vs. Software City car with 1200 cc engine (Honda, 1981)

Scrum meets automotive 2/3

5. Februar, 2019|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

Scrum in Software Projects In the second part of our blog series we introduce you to the challenges in an embedded software project. Despite an internationally distributed and large development team, we develop agile according to Scrum. In our last post you have learned about the advantages of Scrum and why it is

Scrum meets automotive 1/3

20. Dezember, 2018|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

"no plan survives contact with the enemy" image source: steemit.com Problem Technology continues to advance. Digitization is in full swing. The speed at which new technologies are introduced to the market is constantly increasing. This also applies to the automotive sector, where process iterations are getting shorter and shorter