Agile in Automotive 1/2

28. November, 2019|Kategorien: Automotive, Future, Tech, Trends|

Beyond Scrum – Agility is more than a project accelerator. If you like buzzword-bashing, using words like “Scrum” or “Agile” right now is a good way to start. And with all the hype, the criticism grows louder – which in turn is usually a good indicator that there is something real about that

Scrum meets automotive 3/3

18. März, 2019|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

Scrum in Hardware Projects In the first two posts of our scrum blog series you already got an insight into agile product management. This final part is about the application of the Scrum framework in the hardware sector. The difference: Hardware vs. Software City car with 1200 cc engine (Honda, 1981) und Hochschule Fulda entwickeln Smartwatch-Apps für das vernetzte Fahren

6. März, 2019|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Tech, Trends|

Unter dem Motto "fit & healthy im Fahrzeug" wurden gemeinsam mit 18 Studenten 4 Produktideen umgesetzt In den letzten fünf Monaten haben wir 18 Studenten, des Fachbereichs Angewandte Informatik der Hochschule Fulda, während ihres Bachelor-Projekts unter der wissenschaftlichen Leitung von Frau Prof. Dr. Martine Herpers begleitet. Sie stellten sich die Frage: "Wie können

Scrum meets automotive 2/3

5. Februar, 2019|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

Scrum in Software Projects In the second part of our blog series we introduce you to the challenges in an embedded software project. Despite an internationally distributed and large development team, we develop agile according to Scrum. In our last post you have learned about the advantages of Scrum and why it is

Scrum meets automotive 1/3

20. Dezember, 2018|Kategorien: Allgemein, Automotive, Team, Trends|

"no plan survives contact with the enemy" image source: Problem Technology continues to advance. Digitization is in full swing. The speed at which new technologies are introduced to the market is constantly increasing. This also applies to the automotive sector, where process iterations are getting shorter and shorter hosts IOTA Meetup in Munich

28. November, 2018|Kategorien: Automotive, Tech, Trends|

Following the Forum in Lindau, we hosted an IOTA Meetup in Munich on November 22nd. Our goal was to offer as many different perspectives to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the mobility as well as production industry as possible. Most importantly however, we wanted to encourage everyone to engage in discussions during the

Kommentare deaktiviert für hosts IOTA Meetup in Munich co-hosts the forum „IOTA for Automotive“ in Lindau

16. November, 2018|Kategorien: Automotive, Future, Highlight, Trends|

We work with the distributed ledger technology IOTA to establish new connectivity standards for the automotive industry Lindau, 26th October – together with our partners from Bayern Innovativ we were co-hosting the IOTA Forum at Lindau’s “Denkfabrik”. Of course, the forum was focusing on what drives every single day: future mobility. Our friends

App nach Berlin!

24. August, 2018|Kategorien: Automotive, Future, Highlight, Tech, Trends|

Überblick Dass die vernetzte automobile Welt bereits heute die Mobilität einfacher und vor allem komfortabler gestalten kann, beweisen wir mit unserer eigenentwickelten Parkhaus-App „trive.park“ Der Fahrer kann mit der App bereits vor Fahrtantritt einen Parkplatz in seinem Parkhaus reservieren und bezahlen. Der Clou: Die App kann zudem direkt mit der Schrankenanlage kommunizieren und diese

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