Following the Forum in Lindau, we hosted an IOTA Meetup in Munich on November 22nd. Our goal was to offer as many different perspectives to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the mobility as well as production industry as possible. Most importantly however, we wanted to encourage everyone to engage in discussions during the breaks and networking sessions – with success.

Keynote speeches from the IOTA Foundation as well as its community displayed great insights, technical deep dives and scenarios such as the “car wallet”, “biometric access management” and “e-charging”. In addition, representatives from the RWTH Achen, the Fraunhofer Institute and ourselves talked about use cases, opportunities and challenges regarding DLT in both industry sectors. We also used the opportunity to introduce all guests to a project-in-the-making – called the “FLASH Project” – that has resulted from our sessions in Lindau.

We were excited to see so many enthusiasts share their thoughts as well as concerns. Thanks a lot to everyone, who showed up and thank you for the very positive feedback and good time. We are already thinking about the next meetup powered by – so stay tuned!